Party Wall Agreement Process

If you`re planning on making any changes to a property you share with a neighbor, you may need a party wall agreement. This agreement is a legal document that outlines how changes will be made and how any disputes will be resolved.

The party wall agreement process begins with a notice. The party planning to make changes must serve a notice to their neighbor at least two months before the proposed start date. The notice should include details on what changes will be made, when the work will begin and how long it is expected to take.

Once the notice is served, the neighbor has 14 days to respond. They can either agree to the proposed changes, disagree or do nothing. If they do nothing, they are considered to have dissented.

If the neighbor agrees to the changes, a party wall award is not required. However, if they dissent, a party wall surveyor will need to be appointed to draw up an agreement.

The surveyor`s job is to create the party wall agreement, which will outline how work will be carried out and what measures will be taken to protect the neighboring property. The agreement will also include details on who is responsible for any damage that may occur and how disputes will be resolved.

Once the party wall agreement is drawn up, it must be signed by both parties. This document is legally binding, and failure to comply with it could result in legal action.

Remember, if you`re planning to make changes to a shared property, it`s essential to understand the party wall agreement process. By following the correct procedures, you can avoid disputes with your neighbors and ensure that any changes are made legally and with consideration for their property.